Visual Studio Crashes Running Island on Raspberry PI


(Ian Blakeley) #1

I am using the latest trial (Elements with VS2015 and am trying a simple Island app targeting a Raspberry Pi.
When I run the app from VS it compiles and deploys to the Pi and returns an exit code of 0 but then VS crashes and windows restarts it.Note that I can then run the app on the Pi from the command line ok.


(marc hoffman) #2

sounds like a bug in the debugger portion. i know the team has been working on improving this for 9.2, but what you describe is not a known issue. are you saying both VS and Windows itself crash?

(Ian Blakeley) #3

No, immediately after running I get the windows error “Microsoft Visual
Studio 2015 has stopped working” then the usual Windows trying to find a
solution window etc


(RemObjects) #4

Thanks, logged as bugs://78104

(RemObjects) #5

bugs://78104 got closed with status fixed.