Visual Studio usage

I installed new elements with water by elements download area and I have these problems:

  1. VS2019 do not show items of elements projects, altough I can open, edit and compile older project coded with VS2015. I can’t create a new element project in this ide.

  2. Both VS2019 and VS2015, after latest elements installation shows a Project->Application window different from standard layout: if I want select a start application for debug I have to input manually full path of that instead browsing into folders.

Ok for the first point. I have updated VS2019 and Elements are present.
Then I have installed VS2017 and then reinstalled Elements and Elements are present.

The second point is dependent by oxygene project: if I open a c# project, project window is classic. But if I open an oxygene project, the project window change its layout.
Why? And how can I return to classic layout?
Help me please.

Can you elaborate or maybe post a screenshot to show what exactly is wrong?

[got screenshots via OM]

Yes, that’s as designed; that’s what the new Project Settings window looks like.