VS2015 DA integration issue

(Alan Olson) #1

I currently have DA version installed. We had some fields added to a table, so I had to modify the server app. I then went to update my client class lib, and I no longer seem to be able to update the remote schema via right-clicking on it in the solution explorer of VS2015. What happened? I don’t see an entry for this in the Tools menu. After posting this I will update to the latest official release and hopefully that will fix it for me. Any further info appreciated!

(Alan Olson) #2

I just upgraded to the official 9.2 release, and this issue went away, so please disregard this posting!

(antonk) #3


‘No Tools menu’ means that the current active project selected in the Solution Explorer is not considered as one being supported by Data Abstract (or that there is no project selected at all). F.e. on this screenshot the Solution node is selected so the tools buttons and menu items are not accessible: