VS2022 - not possible anymore to create typed dataset with right click on remoteDataAdapter


Since updating to version .1531, because of the bug I mentioned yesterday, I don’t have the option anymore to create a dataset with a right click on remoteDataAdapter.

Is this a known bug?


In VS2019 the right click does let me choose to create a strongly type dataset but after clickint it I get the following error:

Thanks for the report. We’ll check what is wrong ASAP

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Logged as bugs://D19224.

bugs://D19224 was closed as fixed.

As a workaround please use the menu item Extensions -> Data Abstract & Remoting SDK -> Connect to Data Abstract Server (Typed DataSets)

This is exactly the same Wizard

Ok. This seems to work.
Will the right click on remoteDataAdapter be fixed in the future?


Yes, sure.