Water issue: Intellisense takes (a bit) too long to show up


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as described above, when typing some identifiers in the Editor, water does take a bit too Long to Show up with the proper Name/value.

And it cant actually lie on my Computer, because I did a heavy-pc-reset.

Version: .2305
Motherboard: AMD64 PC
Memory: 8GB DDR3
CPU: 8core amd fx processor (3.5 GHz)

Best regards


(marc hoffman) #2

Examples of where that happens? everywhere?

Not sure I understand that part…

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Hi Marc,

AFAIK, its everywhere :confused:

and I counted 4-5 sec to Show up.

I formatted my pc, a complete reset of Windows:


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Can u Repro?

(marc hoffman) #5

Nope, it’s generally fine here for me.

(SH) #6

hrmm, curious… , does the IntelliSense do heavy-drawing.stuff or such?

complex-graphics-calculation, but I dont actually think ^^

because I have some issues with graphics-card in my PC so IT COULD BE POTENTIALLY THAT… dont know

(mtiede) #7

I just started using Water. I have a VERY small app (from the default WebAssembly template) and the intellisense is instantaneous. FWIW.

Maybe try a small one yourself and verify that it is fast or slow there?

(marc hoffman) #8

Same here, retested earlier today. Even inside Water.sln, which is huge.

(SH) #9

Marc, I have to say, that it probably relies on this damn machine I have, which was nearly broken from the first day of recieve….

I knew I shoukd have build my own… nevermind… you can declare this thread as “solution”

atleast it is not something General which is a good News.:slight_smile:

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Yeah…. Reading is Always an Advantage…

sry did Forget that you already answered :smiley: :smiley:

what a day….

(SH) #12

whats About you, does this effect you ?

(Theo) #13

Not really - it takes about .5 - 1 sec to pop up.
This can be disk related - take a look at the disk queue in the resource monitor. Should be <1.
You can see it in real time on my machine here: Request: better CC

Request: better CC
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