Water issue: Not all members are shown in Intellisense


(SH) #1

Hi again,

another one, which as described, doesnt let me see all members in IntelliSense, have a look:

thats alright, the function exists, but IntelliSense does not Show it to me; I dont get a proposal nor is it shown in the list!


(SH) #2

the joke is, it suddenly Shows this:


but not completely…

(Carlo Kok) #3

Do you have a testcase?

(SH) #4

hi carlo, yes, you want the .sln?

(marc hoffman) #5

Could you possibly try to crop your screenshots even closer? they almost show enough to make sense of them…

(SH) #6

My sarcasm detector is exploding……:smiley:

Sry sir, new one is comming :smiley:

(SH) #7


(SH) #8

could this also be reprod?

(marc hoffman) #9

we’ll need a testcase.

(SH) #10

Can’t you just reuse the project I gave to you?

(marc hoffman) #11

I don’t know, can I?

(SH) #12

You have my permission :smiley:

(marc hoffman) #13

Right, my point was, how am I supposed to know that the same project you sent for a different issue would also show this one? :wink:

(RemObjects) #14

Thanks, logged as bugs://80571

(SH) #15

ahh ofc, you have to know, I live in a Kind of different developer world, which means:

the current 2D Engine I develop is 100% oxygene based and with water. So when I request something or ask About (Island/Oxygene/Water) ist all the same Project :(||)

(RemObjects) #16

bugs://80571 got closed with status fixed.