Website outdated with many dead links

(Theo) #1

I was reading the website - and saw that the information is really outdated; everywhere is talked about version 9.x instead of 10. And a lot of links are dead, linking to the non existing

(marc hoffman) #2

Where exactly did you see the link to

(Theo) #3

(marc hoffman) #4

Fixed, thanx

(Theo) #5

All references to class contracts, duck typing, mapped types and cirrus are still to old …
same on, almost all links.

(marc hoffman) #6

Thanx, I’ll review them all.

(Theo) #7

In (and ll below), I see a lot of links (or better: should-be links) that are strike-through.
With view source, I see that they have the class “brokenlink”.



(marc hoffman) #8

Yes, those ar etopoics that are not written yet (ie planned) but where the links have already been out in where they’ll eventually be linked from, the available.