Where is the documentation for "Property Notification" topic?

Where is the “Property Notification” topic, as noted in Element/Oxygene documentation?


Non-indexed properties can optionally be markled with the notify Member Modifier. Properties marked with notify will emit special platform-specific events whenever they are changed – allowing other parts of code to be notified about and react to these changes.

How these notifications work and how they can be retrieved depends ion the underlying platform. Notifications are used heavily in WPF on .NET or with Key-Value-Observation (KVO) on Cocoa.

Please refer to the Property Notifications topic for more details on this.


im afraid that’s a topic that’s not written yet. https://docs.elementscompiler.com/API/Aspects/Notify/ has some more info (the notify Oxygene keyword is the same as the [Notify] aspect); I’ve updated the docs to provide a link there.

On Island, this works pretty much the same as on .NET, so you can use the same pattern of INotifyPropertyChanged/INotifyPropertyChanging as you would there. See https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/dotnet/api/system.componentmodel.inotifypropertychanged, for example.

I’ll see what additional information we can provide in the mission topic, in the new year (and I’ll also discuss with the team what we can do to make consuming these notifications more cross-platform without having to know not the implementation details.


Thank you.

Also I have read thoroughly the online RemObjects Element documentation (primarily the Oxygene part). I like the way it is organized and the no-nonsense style introducing the language(s) syntactic and semantics, such that a programmer from other languages can easily pick up.

But I also noticed there are quite a few typos, here and there that can be easily fixed. Is there any established way that an end user could contribute to the documentation? At least we can help with the typos!

We do have a proof-reading process in place’ it’s just a bit behind on some of the most recent topics. I’ll make sure this gets addressed and caught up with ASAP.