Why would the self-documenting feature not work?

(tobygroves) #21

All the machines are set to the same region settings of United Kingdom so I wouldn’t have thought that would be it.

It’s literally my machine versus all others. On mine it works whether accessed locally or remotely by IP or machine name. On any other computer it produces the error.

(marc hoffman) #22

Curious. Same exact binary, I take it? Are you running it in the debugger, locally, or also standalone as on the server? The other think I could imagine is a different MSXML version (which RO/Delphi uses internally for the XML processing by default) on your system vs the others.

Can you send us the RODL file and the .exe?

@EvgenyK, is there a place in the RODL loading mechanism where Toby could add extra logging and/or dump the (presumably misformed?) XML?

(tobygroves) #23

Yep, exact same binary. Whilst it usually installs as a service, it’s also runnable just as a standalone executable which is what I’m doing. Not sure how to check MSXML versions on each machine but could try.

Executable and RODL are on my dropbox - link in the other private thread

(EvgenyK) #24

it could be MSXML issue.

@tobygroves: you can use OnWriteToStream event of server component and write content of stream to disk and compare what is different.

(EvgenyK) #25

it shows docs w/o any problem at http://localhost:40001/doc.
another port is SuperTCP one and it shouldn’t show docs.

(tobygroves) #26

Yeah sorry should have said, port 40000 is for TCP comms and 40001 is for HTTP.

What on earth could be causing it to fail on other machines here?

I’ll have a look into the MSXML versions etc.