Window.Show is very slow when used in Hydra plugin

Hello Guys.

I have a quite interesting issue that i have difficulties solving.
I am using a .Net non visual hydra plugin in a delphi app to call some business code.
In .Net the plugin side, some calculations are made in third-party API/Assembly based on some data i provide. and some WPF popups or windows are displayed by this third-party API/Assembly.
Integration of the API is good for us and all tests results are OK except for the following part:

  • it takes up to 3 seconds to display the first WPF popup.

When we use the same API without using an Hydra plugin, the first popup is displayed in 200ms.
Do you guys have any ideas what slows the rendering when using Hydra?
Thanks in advance for your answers.



Could you try to load the plugin into the default AppDomain to see if it will improve the performance?
There can be a number of issues for this behavior, from Appdomain loadding WPF assemblies on the fly to some .NET security checks. It is not possibly to tell more w/o actually seeing and profiling the code.