Won't Run Today? *** SOLVED *** New ftp upload Ap "MOVED" rather than Copied the Web, wasm, etc files!

Project+Build → Success with many (95) hints, primarily unused Vars as has been the case from the beginning (some to be used as code is added).
Project+Run → Runs, every day since the beginning, but NOT TODAY.
Project+Run w/o Debugging → Runs, every day since the beginning, but NOT TODAY.

It Ran yesterday, but NOT TODAY even without code changes. So I added some code in case it was stuck. No Help! I checked for updates & installed the latest. No Help!

After Build Success, Run → “Last debug session failed (95 hints)” & hangs like that.


Not really sure what to make of this. Something must have changed between today and yesterday? What platform is this? What IDE — Fire, Water (I presume) or VS? Any errors/messages in the build or debug log?

Thanks much for your attention. Got a new ftp Ap where I drag & drop to Web site & it moved rather than copied the files!

Starting to run again - so I’ll be getting back in shape :slight_smile:

Okay — happy to hear!