WPF R.O. Client


I have seen examples of a Windows form client created to test a newly created Server on .Net but I have a WPF client that I want to connect with my R.O. Server. I need to add an ROWinInetHTTPChannel, ROBinMessage and a ROAESEncryptionEnevlope to my client. It may be obvious but this is the first time working with a WPF application in this manner. Are there any examples how to do this and connect with the R.O.Server? I am using the latest version of RO ( and Visual Studio 2017.



Remoting SDK is a remote server access framework. It is not anyhow tied to GUI framework (i.e. the server access code will be the same regardless is it a WinForms or a WPF application). The same approach and code that works for WinForms client will also work for a WPF client app as well.

However I’ve recreated client application from this tutorial as a WPF app. You can compare it to the WinForms one created in this tutorial to see that there is no difference at all in the code that talks to the server. WPFSample.zip (11.7 KB)