Wrong Pointersize on my machine?


(SH) #1

Preformatted text Preformatted textHey guys,

unfortunately, when i have the following line

writeln(sizeof(^Byte)); ---> prints 4

I have an x64 machine with Windows 10 64-bit :no_mouth:

And yes, i changed it in the config-manager as well to x64 platform.

I tested this line in FPC(Pascal) and got correctly 8.

Pls help!


(marc hoffman) #2

all depends on whether your binary is 32 or 64 bit.

(SH) #3

and when is it 32/64 ??

I have a 64bit OS and changed the build-settings to x64?

What else can I do?

(marc hoffman) #4

Hmm, curious, i can reproduce that ir prints the wrong value, even in 64bit…

(RemObjects) #5

Thanks, logged as bugs://77761

(Carlo Kok) #6

there’s a bug where it caches the wrong exe path. If you change the i386 to x86_64, reopen the project and run it it properly shows 8 instead of 4.

(RemObjects) #7

bugs://77761 got closed with status nochangereq.