Zlib available with Island?

Is zlib part of Island, or plan to be, or someone already ported? @FritzW

As far as I know, (not tested myself) it is Part of the Gold.Library

depending on the platform, there’s also libz you can include, a least on Cocoa. Probably needs a manual import right now, as we only shop the pre-imprted .fx for Toffee, not island.

That is good. But how can I do a manual import for Island, or this is something RemObjects can help? Sorry this may be a dumb question - I am still an Island newbie.

Another question is - does Island class support “serialization” - saving and loading the instance data to disk file (in binary or JSON format).

Which platform? https://docs.elementscompiler.com/Tools/FXGen/ImportProjects/ explains the details of importing libraries.

Not out of the box/language integrated yet, but it’s on our list, based on Swift’s Encodable/Decodable paradigm. There’s a JsonDocument class you can use manually, in Elements RTL.

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I use Windows primarily. It is fantastic that we can import C lib directly, since a lot of numerical libs are in C.

Then I am intrigued to ask another question - is FORTRAN lib importable?

i’d need to check if a lib is available on Windows, out of the box.

any C-compatible library with a .h file describing its Apis should be importable using the Import Projects feature I linked to above.


@wuping @FritzW I’ve just ported the .net zlib to Island. Do you want to test/play with it ?

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Yes. That is cool. Definitely I want to use try it

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Yes really appreciated!!

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