[] Imported interfaces from .net plugin to Delphi 2010 host are not supported

I’m trying to use a .net plugin in a delphi 2010 host application. I have created 3 interfaces in .net library and then imported them into delphi project. Everything compiles, but during run-time the plugin gets loaded and starts, but when I query for my own interface the result is always nil. The interface is derived from IHYCrossPlatformInterface and the import also looks fine.

If I make it a standard interface (in .net) and then use delphi .net component importer, everything works. Hydra version is

Looks like the problem is with the importer:
C# function:
void AddParam(int aValue);
delphi import:
procedure AddParam(const aValue: LongInt); // during runtime, interface not supported

Then I tried changing it manually to this (in delphi):
procedure AddParam(aValue: LongInt); // works as expected

If I change C# function to this it imports with the “const” and works as expected:
void AddParam([In] int aValue);

So I think this is a bug in hydra.

Thanks, logged as bugs://72347