8.0: Unable to open Sugar.Tests.sln without Oxygene license

Preface: [70672 Closed] 8.0: Syntax highlighting for Sugar?

Since the release of Elements 8.0, I’ve been able to work on a Sugar contribution with just a RemObjects C# license. Unfortuantely, unlike Sugar.sln, Sugar.Tests.sln is refusing to load without an Oxygene license, so I’m unable to write the unit tests for my contribution.

As soon as I try to open Sugar.Tests.sln, the “Updating your licenses…” dialog pops up and Elements starts asking for an Oxygene license for each platform. Since I don’t have any, all the Sugar test projects fail to load.

Is this expected?

Can someone from RemObjects chime in? Thank you in advance!

@mh You previously helped with a similar issue [1]; could you perhaps assist with this one?

[1] [70672 Closed] 8.0: Syntax highlighting for Sugar?

My apologies for not seeing this thread earlier. This is “expected” is so far that Sugar.Tests is not among the projects we have excluded for the license checks in 8.1, yes. Thats an oversight of course and weaned to fix that. I’ll try to get that done ASAP, ideally for the next beta (not the one coming today, because that one’s already built, but the next one).

I apologize for the inconvenience thesis causing.


Thanks, logged as bugs://71201

@mh Do we have any updates on this? I haven’t seen the usual automated reply that the bug’s been resolved, and I’m still blocked on writing the unit tests for my Sugar contribution. :slight_smile:

Hmm, sorry about this, i believe this was not fixed yet :(. I’ll take sure we get to it ASAP for the next build. Are you using VS or Fire (or both)?

Thank you for the quick reply! I’m using VS with a Hydrogene license. Do we know when the next build is coming out?

We’ll probably have a new beta this week.

@mh The problem with Sugar.Tests has been fixed, but Sugar.Data has the same issue. :frowning:

It’s now been nine months since I originally reported this problem, and I’m still unable to write the unit tests for my Sugar contribution—or work further on the project that depends on it. Considering I’m trying to help the project for free, this situation is not encouraging me to invest further effort into this platform. My license expires next month, and I’ve been able to get almost nothing done over the past year.

I apologize. I’ve added a complimentary license for Oxygene to your account so that ow can work with this, until this is resolved.


Thank you, Marc.

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bugs://71201 got closed with status fixed.