A lighter Installation?


(SH) #1

Hey guys,

is it possible or would you consider to make it possible to just install: <Platform> + <Language> and not install always the whole Elements-Bundle?

Example: In my case I just want/Need Oxygene + Island


(marc hoffman) #2

Not really, because it’s all the same compiler :wink: What are trying to gain?

(SH) #3

I actually want just a lighter Version to download, because I dont Need the other languages and just Need Island as a platform :slight_smile:

(marc hoffman) #4

Yeah, it’d maybe be a quarter of a megabyte smaller :wink:

(SH) #5

I think also :smiley: and actually in Addition to that, I love it when it is more clear in amount of what is installed.^^

(marc hoffman) #6

What i meant to say is, we’re not gonna spend effort on rearchitectingthe compiler to be split more, and start managing 16 (4x4) different download SKUs, just so that the 250MB download goes down to 245MB for each individual SKU, sorry. won’t happen.

(SH) #7

Honestly, I missread your comment: I thought it was a quarter of a GB :smiley: => 250MB

But this makes sense, thx for the answer :slight_smile: