A problem with variadic or array arguments

I have problems getting variadic or array arguments to work in Silver (Fire on macOS 12.0.1) and WASM. Here is a simple example:

func test(_ rest: [Any]) {
    for arg in rest {  // RuntimeError: memory access out of bounds

public class Program {
    public func Main() {
        test([123456, 7])        

The same thing happens if rest is of type Any.... However, if rest is [Int] or Int..., the code works as expected. (I did get another type of error, null function or something, with one of them previously, but I haven’t been able to reproduce that since I restarted Fire.)

Yeah, those two are essentially the same, the only difference is that Any... allows you to omit the [] on the calling side, making it look more like an indeterminate list of parameters, rather than an array.

That said, i get no runtime error, but the output is broken:

Logged as bugs://E25565.

bugs://E25565 was closed as fixed.

Is the fix included in build 2699? (The code still doesn’t work, but I get another error.)