Aapt2 link error when building

I’m building an Adrooid app in Water (2807), but getting this:

However, this was from straight setting ups without anything added…

I believe you posted this before, and I replied the same;

I could not reproduce this here, with latest Androis Studio and SDK download. Is this an unchanged project from template? These kind of errors usually come when mixing legacy and android packages…

Sorry, i tried to go back to my old post today, but its now gone

No. its not unchanged… I open Android Studio and build (default Template… “Hello world” app build successfully and pushed to phone.

But when i do the same with Water i get that error above

I do have SDK 4.4 installed because phone uses KitKat, and cannot go any too new

I also have SDK minsdk 33 installed, so could that be why ? I need 33 just to build in Android Studio, otherwise it errors in build process it says “need 32 or 33”

Are you saying i must delete one of these SDK’s in order to successfully build with Water?

4.4/KitKat? thats like what? 10 years old?

I’d appreciate if you try with a newer version, you can set your Deployment target to as low as toyed like, to run on old devices (i’d expect).