About registering properties of a class for his use inside a script

I have

MyClass = class(…
FCD_COMPONENT :TWideStringField;

property CD_COMPONENT :TWideStringField read FCD_COMPONENT write FCD_COMPONENT;

I want to use this property inside the Script, but when I do this…

    FScript.AddRegisteredPTRVariable('CD_COMPONENT' , 'TWideStringField');

I receive a EPSCompilerException : Invalid type for variable CD_COMPONENT.

How should I register the properties of a class for his use inside the script?

My guess would be TWideStringField isn’t registered.

How to register TWideStringField?
Where to get a list of the registered Classes?

By default none of them, there’s all the different script plugins that can register stuff. If you look at the source you can see what gets registered.