About the release cycle


When I go to my downloads, I see two available versions, one in the “Stable” category and one in the “Preview” category with about one month in between them.
I looked around and could not find any explanation as to the following details:

  1. At what frequency is a “Stable” release published?
  2. At what frequency is a “Preview” release published?
  3. What makes a “preview” release become “stable”? Is it a matter of timing, or is there a more advanced vetting process?

I’m asking because I’m trying to asses the level of risk associated with using a “preview” version inside my own applications.

We ship a Preview build whenever w rethink we have something/enough to ship a release. Unlike Elements, we’re ot of a fixed (say, weekly) schedule, for RO/DA. We promote a build to Stable if its ha scene in Preview without major problems for a while (or we might directly push put a newer build to Stable, if it does fix issues found in a Preview, but otherwise is deemed safe).

In general, both Preview and Stable builds shucked be safe to use, but I recommend not using previews for production deployment, just in case.