Access violation calling function with parameters

I have upgraded an old 32 bit app into 64bit. I am having trouble running imported functions that have parameters. To test I have used the Unit Importer to import 3 test functions shown below.

The first function has no parameters and works fine - it returns the main form caption.

The second function has an parameter aStringIn : string - calling this in my script is causing an access violation??

The third function has the same problem as the second - it seems that any functions with parameters are failing?

The code worked fine in the older version of delphi and there are no errors compiling.

What could possibly be going wrong with the functions imported by using the Unit Importer?

Standard functions defined by Pascal Scripter ie StrToInt64 are working fineā€¦

function TestString: string;
Result := AppTitle; {AppTitle is a function that returns the form caption as a string}

function TestStringIn(aStringIn : string) : string;
Result := aStringIn;

function IsEmptyGuid(const aGuid : TGuid) : Boolean;
Result := IsEqualGuid(aGuid, GUID_NULL);


what version/revision of Pascal Script you have used?
the latest revision of ?
if not, can you retest with the latest revision, pls?