AccessViolation in ToISO8601String


With a mac island console app, built using 2655 and this code

      var someTime := DateTime.UtcNow;
      var value := someTime.ToISO8601String

I get an accessviolation

An exception occurred in ConsoleApplication6, thread 4426

Type: AccessViolationException


AccessViolationException reading/writing 0

Call Stack:

0000000184381C68 _CFLocaleGetValue CoreFoundation
0000000100AE97B0 RemObjects.Elements.System.Locale… ConsoleApplication6 (locale.pas, line 0)
0000000100AE9BE4 RemObjects.Elements.System.Locale… ConsoleApplication6 (locale.pas, line 0)
0000000100A628B0 RemObjects.Elements.RTL.DateTime.ToISO8601String ConsoleApplication6 (datetime.pas, line 353)
0000000100A512DC ConsoleApplication6.Program.Main ConsoleApplication6 (Program.pas, line 14)
0000000100A5132C ___elements_entry_point ConsoleApplication6
0000000100B1E9B4 RemObjects.Elements.System..Entrypoint ConsoleApplication6 (posixhelpers.pas, line 597)
00000001842E1450 _start libdyld.dylib

John (1.2 MB)

Logged as bugs://E25265.

bugs://E25265 was closed as fixed.

I no longer get the accessviolation but Im not sure the output is correct

In the debugger I get

14/08/2021 01:12:28

shouldnt it be something like this ?


bugs://E25265 was reopened.

bugs://E25265 was closed as fixed.