Add a field to an existing dataset at runtime

hi, what is the best approach to add a temporary field to a TDaDatatable which is already fetched from the server?
so like adding a caculated field at client side
i just want to add a field that i can populate with a status based on a child dataset, so it needs to be processed for every master record
can i simply add a daField to the dataset with logchanges false?


you can change dataset/table struct only when it is closed.
so the best workaround - add a new calculated field when dataset/table is closed and fetch data from the server

hmmm we don’t have persistent fields in the dataset client side (no rad datasets)
so they get created when data is fetched…
or is there a way to have the fields created before data is fetched so i can add a field when the dataset is still closed?


these are several ways, for example: table.LoadSchema

ok will try thx

can’t follow that approach, i’m streaming the data myselves in a specific datacall (and still V3)
so the schema is loaded afterwards


what code you are using on server-side? usual fetching or manual one?
You can drop it to support@ for keeping privacy

manual one
will send code through mail