Add attribute to intf file


(Radu Barbu) #1

We are generating the _intf files using RodlLibrary and CodeGen. File before generating _intf are looking something like:

public class ConfigurationService : Service, IConfigurationService
//here I want to add an attribute e.g [MyAttribute(‘test’)]
public virtual SystemConfiguration GetSystemConfiguration()
throw new NotImplementedException();

and _intf will look something like this:

public interface IConfigurationService : RemObjects.SDK.IROService {
//here I want to have the attribute e.g [MyAttribute(‘test’)]
SystemConfiguration GetSystemConfiguration();

Now, I need to add some attributes to the method existing in the _intf files for later use. Reading about Attributes(e.g used by RemObjects I didn’t found anything that help me to pass my attributes directly to _intf. I don’t care if I need to use some RemObjects attributes, I only need to have in the intf file the ‘test’ string. Is it possible to do that?


(antonk) #2


No, it is not possible, unless you’ll create your own code generator for this.

CodeGen source can be found in the ...\RemObjects SDK for .NET\Source\RemObjects.SDK\CodeGen folder.


(Radu Barbu) #3