Add EUnit test project to shared Multi-platform project?

I am trying to add a project from where I can test the library code which I have inside a Shared → Multi-Target Library project. I drag the library project to my .Net EUnit test project and it gets added in references - however I can’t access the anything from the library project in the EUnit test project?

Using Shared → Shared Project for my library instead worked

That should work fine. Can i see this solution? does the project reference show as resolved for the EUnit project? DO you have the right namespaces used?

Ok. This is what it shows for me:

You can see the project here: GitHub - Lelelo1/OSMRTL

If reverted to remove library project commit. It is possible to add a Shared → Shared Project that gets referenced as mentioned

Here is the IDE version I have: (develop), built on gazorpazorp, 20220128-154929

Did you build the project yet? The Library reference cannot be resolved until there’s a copy of that .dll that the compiler (and the IDE) can look at, so you will only see code from the library project (in, say, Code Completion), after you’ve built once.

For this scenario, i think goping the Shared Project way is unnecessar hassle. IMHO.

Building the multi-platform library first to get the code completion makes sense and worked. Thanks!

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