Add existing files at the folder level



Would it be possible to have add exiting files at the folder level as well ?

ViewModels is a folder in my project. It has new file but not add existing files


i removed this just a few weeks ago, because it was confusing. when you add an existing file, it will automatically show in the proper place in the hierarchy.

Oh. I have enough files in a project that it takes a bit of scrolling to move up to the Files item and right click on that. I’ve always added files from files and had never noticed that it existed on the folder as well. Ive been using that so it seemed logical that add existing would also be present.

Yeah, it was there, but. a few weeks back someone reported that after they used it and browsed for files elsewhere, they didn’t see them in the project (coz they were on a different folder).

Note that you can also just drag files in from Finder — really the easiest way to add them; TBH I never use Add Existing File, myself…

Would it be possible to drag a folder as well ? Currently it adds the folder but not the files inside it. Also if I then try and drag the files themselves, I get 2 folders with the same name but with 1 containing the files.

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I also have problem with this. I have a existing .Net Standard Library where I am looking to put these in Elements

Putting the folders with files in finder doesn’t update Fire. Dragging a folder to Fire file explorer to Mobile folder leads to the following:

Screenshot 2022-06-21 at 21.03.57

and the files aren’t added (in Models).

Adding files with drag and drop means the folder path is being created in the file explorer. This is from where the files is. Which means I have to place all files and folders with finder into the Mobile folder where I want them. And then drag and drop around 80 files?

I;'m afraid that right now you can only drag files into Fire, not folders; if you drag a folder, itn will be added as a single item. I have an open issue to address this, but have not come up with a good UX solution to distinguish between the two actions.

You can drag in more than one file in, so unless your 80 files are in 80 different folders, you don’t have to drag them in one by one. Even if they are in many folders, you could sue a creating search in Finder (say search for “.cs” inn the base folder) to get a flat list of them, select them all, and drag them in; Fire will handle that correctly been if they are all in different paths.

Ok. Yes I can drag into multiple files at once of the folders

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