Add reference -> System reference tab is disabled/greyed

The Add reference -> System references has always been greyed out (for me) in Water.
So I have to add the reference in the .elements file in notepad, and search for the assembly name elsewhere.
It would be nice to be able to browse.

Is this “by design” (not yet ready) or is something wrong with my setup.

I have the .Net SDK 4.8 installed.

That’s for a plain .NET project I take it? The System References tab is disabled for some platforms (iirc Island, and .NET Core/Standard), where all references fall under “other”.

if this a plain .NET project, it might be a local bug with discovering the right files that we’ll need to investigate…

It is a standard .NET project:


I have these three SDKs installed:


In this location:

Using latest Water v10.0.0.2441

Curious. I’ll have a quick check here in a bit, once om back near a Windows VM; if not doesn’t repro (as I’d expect), I’ll see if I can either send you a build with extra logging, or maybe remote debug on your system via Team Viewer?

Ok. I’m leaving in 15 min. but I am here between 9-16 CET.

Reproduced and fixed for vNext; this was a side effect off having the new TargetFramework setting instead of the legacy TargetFrameworkVersion in the project.

Perfect. Yes, I noticed the new TargetFramework, and figured it was a replacement for TargetFrameworkVersion.

Yes, TargetFramework merges the tea. y comgtauining there framework type and version. I just had neglected the code in Fire that looks jp the ref to update to get the version from that setting to, so with TargetFrameworkVersion not thee, it fell back to “4.0”, which I (and ia assume, you) didn’t have installed anymore :wink: