Add watch failing

Sorry… hope you want me to add stuff as I find it ?

In Water right click ‘Add Watch’ is a bit hit and miss and comes up with really odd stuff

In example below right clicking on Fch and menu saying ‘Developed’

No idea where Developed is coming from !!!


and this one… ‘heavily’ !!!


And Use for “Deveoped” for Find ???

this should be the currently selected string, or the token at the cursor. hard to tell, with these cropped screenshots; why does everybody always post screenshots cropped to a tiny portion of the whole window, thus hiding most of the useful info?

Ok, I just retested here, and I see whats happening. if there’s a selection it says “Add Watch with Selection”, and otherwise it says “Add Watch with ‘X’”, where “X” is the word I clicked on in the editor… but: it seems that when the editor is scrolled, it does not compensate for that, so it would show you a token from further up in the text. will fix for today’s build, thanx!

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ok… sorry… need a better screen grabber