Adding DA schema to RO server


I am trying to add a DA schema to an existing RO server.
I have added the .daSchema and .daConnections files successfully, but I cannot get it to work.
I have tried some of the other posts on here, but unfortunately some of the links are no longer working (e.g. )

How do I go about this?
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Could you describe what exactly you did try to do and what exactly is not working for you?

Perhaps the best (and fastest) approach would be to send your project to support@ (everything sent there is kept private) so we’ll review it locally to find out what goes wrong.

The steps I did (.net server):

  • added server.daConnections file and added connection to local database

  • added MyNewDataset.daSchema file and added table from connections manager by drag-and-drop into the DA schema modeler

  • created the following class file:

    public class DataService : RemObjects.DataAbstract.Server.DataAbstractService
        #region Constructor/Initialize/Dispose
        public DataService ()
        // Required for designer support
        private void InitializeComponent()
            RemObjects.DataAbstract.Bin2DataStreamer dataStreamer;
            dataStreamer = new RemObjects.DataAbstract.Bin2DataStreamer();
            RemObjects.DataAbstract.Scripting.EcmaScriptProvider scriptProvider;
            scriptProvider = new RemObjects.DataAbstract.Scripting.EcmaScriptProvider();
            this.AcquireConnection = true;
            this.ServiceDataStreamer = dataStreamer;
            this.ServiceSchemaName = "MyNewDataset";
            this.ScriptProvider = scriptProvider;

The project builds and runs, but I am trying to import this into our Delphi application via the “Client Module for VCL Application” wizard.
The wizard can connect to the server, sees the DataService, but cannot retrieve the server schema.

Cannot retrieve server schema: RemObjects.DataAbstract.DAException: An exception occurred on the server: Cannot find schema MyNewDataset …

In the meantime I was able to resolve this issue.
When adding a new .daSchema file, the build action is not set to “Embedded Resource”.
Manually setting this property resolved the issue I had in the Delphi wizard.

I am not sure if this is a bug or normal behavior…

I’ll log an issue to investigate.
Btw which exactly VS version did you use? Was it VS 2017 or VS 2019?

Thanks, logged as bugs://83513

I am using VS 2017


bugs://83513 got closed with status fixed.