Adding Island as a reference

So I reverted back to the stable build of Fire (2525) after experiencing issues with the bundled Island.fx library in the latest preview build. As per @mh instructions, I dragged an updated build of Island.fx as a reference onto the project’s references. When I open the project in the stable build, how do I properly remove the dependency on my build of Island.fx and use the (presumably working one) bundled with .2525?

If I right click the reference and click "Remove reference from project" the ../ following it disappears and it now says "Island (Implicit)". Whilst this builds, I’m curious as to why creating a new project using Island, the references node simply says "Island" not "Island (Implicit)". What does the implicit bit mean and do I need to care?

What you did was remove the reference to Island altogether. Since an Island reference is required, EBuild adds it back for you “implicitly” (i.e. it’s not in your project, but you get it referenced anyways), hence the new suffix.

What would would have wanted to do instead of removing the reference is to right=-click and select “Drop Hint Path”; that would have kept the reference, but dropped the hardcoded path to your version, letting the build resolve it to the standard version again, instead.

What you can do now is simply right-click the implicit reference and choose “Make Explicit” to add it back (but technically that makes no difference, it will just make the “(Implicit)” suffix disappear again,.

Thanks for the solution and taking the time to explain why!

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