Advice Needed: How to "wrap" RemObject SDK .NET assembly into Native C++/CLI

I have used Delphi to develop a ROSDK NamedPipe Server and a Client DLL, for fast prototyping. Now I have to convert the Delphi-based ROSDK Client DLL to a DLL using C++/CLI (the .NET version of managed C++).

I don’t want to distribute ROSDK .NET assemblies. Is there a good way to embed ROSDK .NET assemblies within a C++/CLI DLL?

Any advice is welcomed and appreciated.

I’m afraid we have no experience with C++/CLI in house, and this is not a supported scenario. But as I understand it, C++/CLI bucks C++ code to be run on the .NET runtime and interact with other .NET code – so id expect you’d use RemObjects.SDK.dll the way you use any other (C# or otherwise) .NET library, and you will need to distribute it with your app.

(I could be wrong and misunderstanding or misremembering how C++/CLI works)