After updating to VS2022 and Oxygene, Some Projects will not run

We have moved our Main Oxygene project to VS2022 Community with RemObjects We were able to successfully compile and publish this version.

We are attempting to move some smaller projects that reference the main DLL and are having some issues publishing these projects. When ran, they indicate they are unable to access certain functions within the main project. These same projects have been successfully deployed for years using previous versions of VS and Oxygene.

We have noticed that in order to compile these projects now, we need to use the public directive on specific methods in the main project, which we did not have to prior. however we are still unable to run them successfully.

Are you aware of any other changes we may need to make when referencing another Oxygene DLL?

Thank you,


This is not a very recent change, but previous versions of Oxygene inadvertently treated all global methods as public, when the default visibility should be “assembly”. You will need to explicitly mark these as “public” now if you want to access therm from outside of the same project, yes.

This change was as designed, and really is a bug fix.