All Elements sample projects broken

Latest elements release, .1451 ? when trying to load any of the Oxygene for .NET or Islands sample projects a message box appears during the load with “object reference not set to an instance of an object”. The solution is not loaded and the listbox is just left with the “Loading…” line.


that’s not the latest release, that would be like a decade old. Can you check the exact version you are using? also, which IDE are you opening the projects in Visual Studio or (assuming its not really a ten year old build) Water?

Sorry, it’s the, Water, just downloaded it and installed today.

Out of curiosity: if you open the same project again, does it work? if so, that’s a bug i fixed last week, for 2523 (which unfortunately isn’t ready for the Stable channel yet).

Yes, if I open it a second time, it works.

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