Always error after upgrade 1569

I upgraded to 1569 that have the following Schema Modeler error. I tried many times and restart the computer. Problem still here. I roll back old version now.


We might need a bit more than this. what’s the error? what’s the connection type?

How to know the error? I’m using SDAC connection.


I can’t reproduce any error with DAServer sample and Schema Modeller.

How can I capture the error detail for you?


try to point mouse to error string with red circle. hint should be shown, like:

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Here is the error information.



do these steps:

  • add to C:\Program Files (x86)\RemObjects Software\Data Abstract (Common)\Bin\RemObjects.DataAbstract.Unmanaged.ini these lines:
Debug = 1
  • launch Schema Modeler
  • repeat steps that causes AV
  • check %appdata%\RemObjects Software\Schema Modeler\RemObjects.DataAbstract.Unmanaged.log.
    it may contain some additional info about these AV

I’ve been getting this for a while, and because of this, I thought I’d finally found out what it is. I’m connecting to Postgresql version 15, which is 64-bit only so since SM is 32-bit, maybe it won’t connect (the error is “Cannot load vendor library [libpq.dll]”). However, as I still have an old PG version 10 DB on AWS, I thought I’d try to connect to that and I get the same message. I’ve even tried copying all the PG DLLs from my 32-bit server folder to the schema modeller and still get this error. What’s the correct way to do this, and can I connect to PG version 15 with SM (it works fine with my 64-bit server).

I also have a dozen different connections on my list and quite a few don’t connect until I press the test connection button, then they will. It is related to the PG one not loading, as if I delete the PG ones from the list, then they all load fine when I open the schema file.