An error when trying open "Add References" dialog on "Java Class Library"

Hi i’m getting this error when trying to open “Add References” dialog in Java Class library project

Any idea how to fix

is this with 9.3 or with the v10 preview?

yes its 9.3 (RemObjects Elements with Visual Studio 2015 - integrated to existing VS2015 and VS2017

Same error on both VS editions

Thanx. any chance you can try if the issue persists for you with v10?


yes, could you please send me the download link.

Do you currently have a license, and thus beta access? if so, you can find it at If not (yet), please let me know your account name on, and I’ll put a copy into your Personal Downloads folder (


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i only have a trial license for v9.3

AccountName: RoshanGerard

No worries. I’ve put a beta build of v10 into your Personal Downloads section now. Note that this build is still pre-release, and thus not up to our full QA standards (so please don’t judge it on that), but hopefully it does fix the reference issue — and if not, it helps us to know where to look to fix it, soon.


ok thnx will let you know :wink:

Good news :smile: its working in v10, and the error i mentioned earlier exists for other “Class Library” types except for the “Windows Applicatio” project type,

In v10 beta there’s no errors


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