An error when trying open "Add References" dialog on "Java Class Library"


(Roshan Gerard Bolonna) #1

Hi i’m getting this error when trying to open “Add References” dialog in Java Class library project

Any idea how to fix

(marc hoffman) #2

is this with 9.3 or with the v10 preview?

(Roshan Gerard Bolonna) #3

yes its 9.3 (RemObjects Elements with Visual Studio 2015 - integrated to existing VS2015 and VS2017

Same error on both VS editions

(marc hoffman) #4

Thanx. any chance you can try if the issue persists for you with v10?


(Roshan Gerard Bolonna) #5

yes, could you please send me the download link.

(marc hoffman) #6

Do you currently have a license, and thus beta access? if so, you can find it at If not (yet), please let me know your account name on, and I’ll put a copy into your Personal Downloads folder (


(Roshan Gerard Bolonna) #7

i only have a trial license for v9.3

(Roshan Gerard Bolonna) #8

AccountName: RoshanGerard

(marc hoffman) #9

No worries. I’ve put a beta build of v10 into your Personal Downloads section now. Note that this build is still pre-release, and thus not up to our full QA standards (so please don’t judge it on that), but hopefully it does fix the reference issue — and if not, it helps us to know where to look to fix it, soon.


(Roshan Gerard Bolonna) #10

ok thnx will let you know :wink:

(Roshan Gerard Bolonna) #11

Good news :smile: its working in v10, and the error i mentioned earlier exists for other “Class Library” types except for the “Windows Applicatio” project type,

In v10 beta there’s no errors