Android app - DynamiteModule loading exception

My Android security provider test app (from: Problems installing Android security provider) now finally compiles in Fire .2421 using androidx libraries. Apparently Google cleared some messy GooglePlayServices and AppCompat interdependencies.

However, the app fails on startup with DynamiteModule$LoadingException because is missing.

Googling and searching for “” didn’t help because that apparently isn’t a standalone library but part of something else. But I have no idea what that is. Fire correctly resolves all Gradle dependencies, so what’s still missing?

Provider (1.6 MB)

Good question. First, are you sure this is a fatal exception? Java/Android often looks for classes in multiple places, throwing exceptions reach time it does not find them, even if it later will…

You are right, the exceptions kept popping up so I never actually tried to wait long enough, I simply assumed it doesn’t work. It actually does, the provider gets installed. I’ll check a bit more but it looks like a false alarm. All errors are on the screenshot below. Thank you for your help.

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Yeah, these are one of (the many) most annoying aspects of Java :(.