Any good practice to handle multiple target URLs

If I want to setup redundancy internet connection to DA server, is it possible? Am I only switch the public IP address in client side automatically? Or I still need to do some issues such as sessions control? My purpose want to have HA function because some countries haven’t the stable internet service.


Do you want to use several DA servers with single Session manager?
in this case you can use Olympia server. It can be used to create load-balanced server farms where multiple instances of the server application run on different machines across the company network, and yet share client session data, allowing client applications to seamlessly connect to any randomly available server.

in this case you can login on one server, select data on other one and perform ApplyUpdates on 3rd server.

Review the Load Balancing sample. This is Remoting SDK sample. it will show how to use the Load Balancing feature.

Noted with thanks. I will study first.