App.config file not visible in New file

Hi there,

Is there a reason for not having the Application configuration (App.config) available in the New file… dialog?
I believe it was there some while back.
I have tried in a console application and a RO Code-First server.

Or do you recommend using the settings.settings file, as it also can define application-context-settings?

what am I missing?

This is what I have in Water:

Curious. confirmed. The template is there (C:\Program Files (x86)\RemObjects Software\Elements\Water\Templates\Common\Echoes\Files\General\AppConfig) and I see nothing that would cause it to be filtered out… will investigate and fix…

Got it; fixed; recent regression from filtering templates by installed platforms (and languages) in Water (and VS) caused non-language-specific template to be hidden too.

Sounds great, appreciated :wink:

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