Application Support\RemObjects Software\EBuild\Obj

What cleans out this folder ?


doing a Clean on the project. Or you deleting all of it manually.

The clean on project leaves empty folders and the Fire folder leaves the cache files.

Does it need to be so precise or can it just delete the whole parent folder ?

You can safely just delete “Obj” if you like. All you lose is the cache, so the next build for each project will be a full build.

Well yes but I would rather its done for me.

When would you like this to happen? You’d not want to just randomly use all your cashes?

When I do a clean ?

I have a couple of solutions which have multi target projects and associated test console apps each a different target. I develop and test each target by just enabling a single target in the library.
When I switch targets I seem to get myself into a situation where the library wont build it cant find the new target for dependencies.

I try a clean, rebuild and building but that doesn’t seem to fix it. It seem like the only way to get it building is to totally remove the obj folder. Thats why I originally posted the question, I want someway to start off from scratch.

A clean should delete everything (for that target/configuration). All files that were generated (as per FinalOutput.xml) and the entire Obj folder (again, for that target/configuration).

I do see it leaves over the ConsoleApplication12.succeeded.ebuild file; I’ll see what I can do about that.

Hmm, theism is weird. the .ebuild part is fixed, this will now get deleted (even if it applies to all targets, and you might not be clearing all.

Whats mode odd is that the Target-named subfolder sticks around (ie “Debug/Echoes”). That’s the folder I call System.IO.Directory.Delete on, and even though it shows as entirely empty for me in Finder and Terminal, and Delete throws no error, the folder remains there…

Oddly, I now added extra code to delete all of “Debug” (if it contains no files, say from other targets that were not being cleaned), and even though “Debug/Echoes” failed to delete, “Debug” deletes fine. very freaky.

In any case, vNext should hopefully show the clean behavior you’d like.

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