Are you supporting "Codable" on Silver (on Visual Studio 2017)?

I have such code compiled and working on XCode 10

public struct server: Hashable, Codable

var country: String
var country_code: String
var ctrl_grp: [control_group]


but when try to compile on windows 7 (VS 2017, Winform application - lang Swift), it fails with this "Unknown type “Codable” !
What I have to Do ???

It’s on the list, but to do it in a way that supports all five languages and all platforms takes some additional planning, so I’m afraid this is not supported yet.

With what version of Swift is Silver compatible?

You can see the exact overview of what features are implemented at In general, we’re pretty much caught up with 5.2 on core features, and usually stay in sync/ahead with new versions as the progress, but some of the more corner case or more major-undertaking features are still on the list. Codable is one of those, because essentially we need/way to revise a way to make it usable for all Elements languages and all platforms.

I think I’ll bump priority on this though, as I agree it’s a nice to hav feature.

Swift 5.3 is coming soon. And this interesting article quoted RemObjects Swift as “compatibility not perfect”, referencing this thread.

An honor just being mentioned :wink: