Arrays in structs not functioning for Swift

I was checking out the features of the Swift language much as I’ve been doing with Mercury and wanted to see the use of array’s within structs. It seems the size is correctly allocated within the structure, however when it comes to assigning the array, no value is set.

struct test{
	var t:UInt64[2]
	var t2:UInt64[2][2]
	var b:UInt8 
var t:test

t.t[0] = 2276
t.t2[1][1] = 94
writeLn("The magic happens here. " + sizeOf(t).ToString())

Can you send me the full test project for this?

It’s a VS Studio solution.

Reproduced. very strange. Oddly, the equivalent in Oxygene is correct.

Logged as bugs://E26745.

I wanted to see if there are any updates about this bug?

Not yet, I am afraid. I have bumped the priority.