ASP.NET Core MVC Razor - No way to create a new view?

Created a new ASP.NET Core MVC/Razor-based Web Application using VS2019 for Mercury.

I don’t see a way to add new View (.cshtml). None of the new Item templates seem to fit, either under Mercury Items or Oxygene Items. Also looked in the Online => Templates => Visual C# section.

I didn’t have any better luck when I opened the project in Water.

Also, I tried to copy an existing view and paste it into a new folder in the VS2019 Solution Explorer, but nothing happens when I paste.

Am I missing something obvious?


I have these two templates, at least for Oxygene:

I’ll have a look at getting them ported to all languages for next week…

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I didn’t even think to look there. Great - that gets me unstuck.

Yes, even though it probably ends up being the same files, having them ported to all languages may mean fewer support questions.



One was the same for all; the other had code-behind files. I’ve got that one converted to all 5 (non-Go) languages now.

Oh yeah, that makes sense.

Thanks for the as-always excellent support!


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Abd don’t forget to port them to VS: it’s only working in Water/Fire currently…

Define not working? the file template don’t show?

It doesn’t show in VS.
Look at ASP.NET Core Web Application: can’t add easily a .cshtml file - Elements / Elements Beta - RemObjects Talk

Your answer was:

But no change from this time.

Ah, that’s already logged to be fixed, then. I’ll bump the priority.