ASP.NET Templates for VS2019 in .2461

I’m testing new release now and found a few more issues for standard templates ( core was fixed). Here are screenshots of new projects :
Empty project

For Web Forms



Here there is also problem with a license - why RemObjects C# is required here ?

This info should be more readable in Dark theme, e.g. using white font color.
Single Page

Please fix standard templates as you did for core.
I will report more tests with using Water and Fire in the new topic.

To be clear – these errors are all for the old non-Core templates?

As for the license: I’ll log to get the text color fixed, of course. Does the project (possibly erroneously) contain any .cs files are being generated?

Yes, for old
I created new oxygene project so only pas files should be generated. But I will check inside subdirs.
The filter on new project wizard works correctly now.

Thanks, logged as bugs://83621 — dark theme

Thanks, logged as bugs://83622 - templates

Should, yes :wink:

Indeed, a Web API project contains .cs files :

  • XmlDocumentationProvider.cs and duplicated XmlDocumentationProvider.pas
  • TextSample.cs and duplicated TextSample.pas

Another strange naming of files in these projects :

  • packages.config
  • packages - Copy.config
  • packages - Copy - Copy (2).config

Can you conform what template this is? I cannot find anything like this in any of them…

I found these files in every project I’ve created. Here is sample : (1.0 KB)

I believe you. but thats the exact template you pick? name/screenshot?

Please check the screenshots above - Web API and a license problem description. There you will also find packages.config multi-copy in Solution Explorer panel.

But which template do you pick on the “Create New Project” screen? Before you get to “Configure your new project” and to pick the sub type.

Really, there is only one template ASP.NET Web Application that has sub types.

BTW. These templates don’t work even in our old version of elements

I tried the same template in Water :

Open Project from menu

Looks like the project is empty?

The non-Core templates are not supported in Water — they should not even show (I’ll check). I was referring tot he 404 with the ASP.NET Core project.

bugs://83622 got closed with status wontfix.

To elaborate; we’ve deprecated these templates and won’t deploy them with vNext anymore — as they basically are (supposedly) the same as ASP.NET Core, but non-Core ASP.NET os pretty my legacy at this point. We’re keeping the “classic” .aspx/.asmx based website and web service templates, and the four ASP.NET Core ones.

bugs://83621 got closed with status fixed.