Auotcompletion issues (slowdown, overzealous matching) in Visual Studio code editor

(John Perez) #1

I. In build I remember experiencing very little delay typing in VS 2015 code editor using most project templates, except for the Silver-Island template for which there are REALLY long pauses when typing code.

Now, in builds 2309 and 2311, I seem to start noticing longer delays when typing code using the Silver-.NET-Winforms template.

Have there been changes that might have caused this slowdown or is this just due to subjective impression/imagination?

Is there a way for end-users to edit Intellisense Silver/Swift parsing and perhaps help make it more efficient (if that is indeed the reason for slowdowns)?

II. Another really annoying VS autocomplete-related behavior is the tendency when typing v,a,r, on a new line to have that keep getting auto-completed to System.Runtime.InteropServices.VARDESC

Is there a way to prevent this from happening?

(John Perez) #2

After further observation, it seems that just typing spaces continually on a new line seems to invoke autocomplete so that holding down the space key to print out multiple spaces takes forever to get a reaction from the editor. Example would be the line below.

var brush = LinearGradientBrush(self.ClientRectangle,

while I was typing spaces to move the parentheses more to the right, the completion listbox kept showing with selection LinearGradientBrush and its neighbors coming up in the list.

(John Perez) #3

Below is another example of overzealous/erroneous auto-completion behavior. Upon typing x, the autocompletion list pops up (unnecessarily), and the moment you type in a comma it infuriatingly replaces in X500DistinguishedName… instead of giving you the comma. Not to mention the slowdown as it seems to try to find a match for nearly every character you type…

(Theo) #4

I see the same problems (2309) in Oxygene.

(RemObjects) #5

Thanks, logged as bugs://80695

(RemObjects) #6

bugs://80695 got closed with status fixed.