Autoreconnect on ROSynapseHTTPChannel

I have a customer that has a bad internet connection and I have a service that consumes a Soap Web service.
how to force a ROSynapseHTTPChannel to reconnect if the internet conection is lost ?
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You can change Timeout. by default, it is set to 90sec


the problem is that sometimes he can lose connection for about 2 hours.
So If I’m not wrong it should raize an exception an that’s not the case and the service hang.

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it raises exception:

procedure TROSynapseHTTPChannel.IntDispatch(aRequest, aResponse: TStream);
  if not fhttp.HTTPMethod('POST', TargetUrl) then
    raise EROException.Create(err_UnableToConnectToRemoteServer); //<<<<<<<<<<<<

Strange in my side it doesn’t, will try to find a way to solve this.
if it raises an exception an te internet connexion is back the next call to the service should work fine or I have to do something special ?

yes, it should work fine because this is plain http channel

Ok Thanks Evgeny.