Autoupdate compatible with Linux

Theres any chance you consider modify autoupdate to be used in Delphi/Linux? I use a lot with windows server , works perfect! But must change the config to avoid that mechanism with linux servers.

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HydraAutoUpdate.RODL is ROD part in Hydra.

as I can see

  • HYAutoUpdateService_Impl.pas
  • HydraAutoUpdate_Intf.pas
  • HydraAutoUpdate_Invk.pas
  • uHYAutoUpdateClient.pas

don’t use native hydra interfaces (uHYCrossPlatformInterfaces.pas, uHYIntf.pas, uHYIntf_FMX.pas) so they should work as expected.

what problems do you have with AutoUpdate feature in linux?

In the past it dont builds , will try again and confirm.

best regards.