AV occurs on DLLServer destroy when TRODataSnapConnection used in Client in Delphi


AV occurs on your standard created project also. The problem is, you are calling RebuildServices on uROServer.pas, on destroy also. It uses g_classFactoryList.GetRegisteredZeroConfNames, but g_classFactoryList is freed before.

This problem started after I use, but I cant use newer versions.

Delphi Ver: D11.2 Alexandria
RemObjects Ver:
TestRODLLServerD28.rar (4.6 MB)

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pls update uROServer.pas as

procedure TROServer.SetActive(const Value: Boolean);
    // <<< old location of `RebuildServices;`
    if (Value = Active) then begin
      case Value of
        True: begin
          RebuildServices; //<<<< moved

after this, close Delphi IDE and launch C:\Program Files (x86)\RemObjects Software\Build\install_DA.cmd (or install_RO.cmd) with admin rights.

Logged as bugs://D19299.

bugs://D19299 was closed as fixed.

Thank you.

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Serkan Ahtagil