Avalonia WPF framework won't debug with elements

I tried the Avalonia framework Avalonia (avaloniaui.net)

First thing I did was install the VS extension to get the templates:

Then I created an application:

I compiled this application (MS C#) and started it in Debug. It showed:

Next step was load the project in Water, and convert it to Elements.
The I compiled it - and compilation succeeded.
But run from Water gives:

As this could be an issue that VS is needed, I loaded the converted project in VS2019 compiled it (succes) and started it in debug. The following was displayed:

As you can see in this screenshot, the project is set to .Net Core 5, while the error says that a .Net Framework debugger was started on it.

Could you guys take a look at this?

The converted project I used: AvaloniaApplication1.zip (4.1 MB)

Logged as bugs://E25186.

Update: When I start it without debugger - nothing happens.
In the eventlog, this is logged:

Debugging issues aside, the main issue seem to be that our BAML converter doesn’t generate the same type of resources as Avalonia’s — we’ll need to work with them to find the differences, or get theirs integrated into our toolchain.

aside from that, this fixed project I can launch (“just” fails on the missing/bad xaml resource)

AvaloniaApplication1 4.zip (120.3 KB)

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