Avoid name collision for .NET RO server which is client for itself

I have a .NET project which acts as a RO server (using code first) named myServer
I have a C# dll project named myServerClient which contains a utility class for the RO server and which imported the interface and contains a .remoteRODL file

The generated _Intf.cs file has the same namespace as the server (myServer)
This means that I cannot make my server a client for (another instance) of this server.
C# throws name collision errors.

How can I solve this name collision? Can the namespace be customized?

FYI: If there is an extra dll in between then there is no collision error.


Even with a different namespace (which can be customized, iirc; I would need to look that up), you would still run into issues with two (sets of) classes of the same “simple” name being registered with Remoting SDK. I don’t see a good way around this right now, short of either (a) manually removing the duplicate classes from the _Intf after it was imported, or removing/uncommenting the originals after you add the _Intf.

Unfortunately the idea that the RODL-generated _Intf would be sued in the same server was never thought of.

I will log a research issue to see if we can come up with a better idea for solving this – maybe a flag (possibly in the .remoteRODL, as to not affect other clients) to tell the the CodeGen to not emit these classes, would work?

Logged as bugs://D19404.